Is Pre-Employment Screening Necessary?

Well, if you want to build a reputable reputation – then, yes.

Remember the movie Mrs. Doubtfire? A completely untrained, unqualified – though well-meaning and well-intentioned, man manages to con his way into a profession that requires trust and care. Though the sentiment of the film is lovely, in a business sense? This is unacceptable. You would not trust a complete stranger with your children – or with something that you have been building from the ground up – with just any complete stranger, would you?

Some work requires a bit of training from the get-go, that is inevitable, but pre-employment screenings determine if the person is capable for the workload expected of him or her. Take, for example, the profession of Austin commercial roofers. Work like this can be dangerous if the person involved cannot handle it, and might even result into injuries that would cost more than just money but also your entire reputation as a roofing business.

According to the website of pre-employment screeners WorkSTEPS, screenings before the official offer then lead to workers who are better suited to the job, ergo working better. These workers get more experience and get better with time, due to their being capable, as well as bettering your own company just as well, thanks to the great service that they are able to provide.

These days, resumes aren’t quite as easy to forge. A simple Google search could debunk the easiest of ludicrous claims. However, it takes a lot of screening in order to determine if someone is qualified for the profession or not. By availing of a pre-employment process, you could save your business a lot of possible injury complaints and loss of profit. Both the employee and the employer could benefit from a screening process as it builds not just trust but also a dedication to credibility and good service.